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        Coffee tables

        Coffee tables

        Become a real Barista!
        Coffee tables

        If you like coffee and anything else related to it, I'm sure you'll also like the idea of having a coffee table at your home and serving your guests with coffee. Besides being a piece of furniture, it can also serve as a beautiful decoration to every corner of your house because there is a wide range of such tables to anyone’s taste.

        What is a coffee table, in fact? The common term “table” is applicable to it as well but what distinguishes this table from its relatives is its dimensions. It is usually a low table serving as a decorative piece of furniture. People use such tables for serving their friends and relatives with coffee, storing their books and newspapers on or inside them as in case with storage coffee tables.

        Coffee tables are made from wood, glass, marble, and metal.

        Here is the list with a variety of coffee tables available nowadays. They are divided into two sections:


        Glass Coffee Tables

        glass-coffee-tableA piece of art made of glass, these tables look well in contemporary designed houses. However, you could try buying one to your grandma, but I’m not sure she’d accept it. ;)

        Be careful with such furniture – it’s fragile and could be very dangerous sometimes.

        Marble Coffee Tables

        marble-tableNow this is something I wouldn’t buy for myself or any of my relatives but would surely make as a gift to my chief – it’s so stylish and bossy ;).

        Be careful, it’s very heavy and could kill you before you give it away ;).

        Wood Coffee Tables

        Classic tables, or the material they are manufactured from, to be precise. I guess wood was one of the materials to be used when making furniture, it’s essential that wooden tables were so popular at once. They are still preferred by people with more traditional views.

        Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

        iron-wroughtBeautifully shaped, these tables are usually made of iron and glass (or rarely, from wood). I wouldn’t buy them from house, only in case I live in a museum ;)


        modern-coffee-table-blackModern & Contemporary Coffee Tables

        The name suggests these tables have unusual shapes and could be made from wood, but mostly from chrome, glass and metal. It would look very nice in a modern house with various ultramodern things and design, just don’t try to buy it for a comfy place with floral wallpapers.

        Round Coffee Tables and Square Coffee Tables

        round-coffee-tables-2Tables could also be round and square, and made of any material, of course. It’s up to you and your room – you could choose a round table – in case you have a lot of space. Or a square one, in case house intended for you and a table ;).


        Lift Top Coffee Tables

        lift-top-storageI guess these tables are good for people with limited space but a lot of guests or things to put at a table. They are usually made of wood or combined glass and wood. I wouldn’t take the risk of a lift top glass table at my house – it would be broken in minutes.

        Storage Coffee Tables

        storage-coffee-tableIt’s from the kind of furniture I really like and appreciate in my household. I tend storing all small things there that need to be thrown away but don’t have time or courage for that. :)

        Cocktail Ottomans

        ottomanVery comfy and nice looking, it’s always useful if you have invited a lot of people to party but don’t have enough chairs to seat. The cocktail ottomans are usually made of leather – very comfortable to sit at.

        End (Side) Tables

        end-sideLooking strange sometimes, they could be both useful and pointless, beautiful and ugly, from any material you could only imagine. Just give them a chance, and the could show themselves from the best part.

        Console Tables

        consoleI wouldn’t call this piece of furniture a table in its wider meaning. It could rather serve you and your guests as a shelf or stand for a flower vase or a bottle of Dom Perignon. ;)

        Nesting Tables

        nestingFunny table, I really like it for the design. I could play with it for hours – it’s like Russian doll, you could do this all over again, and never be satiated. Besides, it is compact and could be of a great help when sudden guests burst into your small house.

        Whatever table you choose, just be sure you’ll be using it for at least a couple of years, without throwing or giving it away soon.

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