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        People behind Coffee Industry

        People behind Coffee Industry

        Become a real Barista!
        People behind Coffee Industry

        There are people who drink their coffee without getting into details about its origins, the level of roast and grind. The others don’t even buy coffee without reading an encyclopedia about a particular brand before making their final decision. And I think the second category knows everything about coffee industry, including the most important people who have influenced it and changed our horizon in one way or another.

        3It is a widely known fact that coffee could reach Europe and the rest of the world much later than it was discovered in Ethiopia if not for one courageous but recklesssmuggler Baba Budan who brought coffee beans from Yemen to India in 1670. Before that, all coffee that was exported into other countries was boiled or sterilized – to keep the secret of the magical drink to the Arabian world only.

        6It took some time for coffee to reach the Christian world being initially banned as “a muslim drink”. It could never penetrate the Europeans’ lives or do it much later if notfor the Pope Clement VIII who has approved the drink in 1600 which led to its wide recognition afterwards.

        The first espresso machine was invented in France in 1822. Unfortunately, its author remained unknown.

        1In 1933, Francesco Illy, the founder of the Illy company specializing on coffee and professional coffee equipment, has invented the first automatic espresso machine.

        2However, the first modern espresso machine is considered to be created by Achilles Gaggia in 1946. He has invented a high pressure espresso machine, using a spring powered lever system in it.

        The first coffee percolator appeared in Europe and America in 1865 thanks to the inventor James Mason. The functioning of such device was based on the principle of the expansion of heated water that could be directed.

        The instant coffee that we are so used to nowadays and mostly ignore in favor of whole beans or ground coffee was invented in 1901 by Japanese American chemist Satori Kato from Chicago. However the first mass-produced instant coffee was invented 5 years later, by an English chemist George Constant Washington while he was living in Guatemala.

        5An ordinary German housewife from Dresden, Melitta Bentz, has immediately become a businesswoman and a renowned person in the coffee world in in 1908 after she has patented her invention – the paper filter. A company immortalizing her name has been established in Dresden in the same year and is still operating and is specializing in producing various coffee equipment and different types of coffee.

        These are only few names that changed the world of coffee but I think those who truly love coffee and appreciate other people doing their work to make us enjoy the magic beverage should know them by heart, like alphabet or even Bible.

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