Get the latest news from Coffee for Dummies direct to your desktop Thu, 21 May 2020 21:14:59 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.0-dev ( Starbucks Faces Higher Milk, Coffee Costs SEATTLE (Reuters) Starbucks Corp is wrestling with higher costs for milk and coffee, the two ingredients in its popular lattes, but that does not mean its customers are going to pay more.


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A Cup of Joe Is About to Get More Expensive Smart coffee junkies will buy an additional bag or two of coffee beans the next time they go shopping because it won’t take long for a drought in Brazil to push up retail prices.

Brazil supplies about one-third of the world’s coffee fix, and the expected shortage in high-grade beans is already percolating on commodity markets. After two-and-a-half years of declines, coffee futures are rising—up 43 percent since January 29. If prices keep increasing at their current pace, coffee will hit a record high by the end of April.

Big coffee companies–Starbucks (SBUX), Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), and J.M. Smucker (SJM)—are


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Relax! Your Coffee Habit Is Nothing to Worry About Do you ever feel like there is a worldwide anti-coffee conspiracy trying to spoil your morning (or afternoon) brew? The caffeine dependent (ahem) can take heart, because a new study has just knocked another leg out from under the haters’ high horse. Researchers found that moderate coffee drinking (the subjects drank four cups a day) is not linked to dehydration. Researchers tested 50 men over the course of two three-day trials and found that their hydration levels stayed the same whether they drank coffee or an equal amount of water. So if you’re feeling parched after a mid-afternoon coffee run,


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Robusta coffee supply squeeze faces double attack The squeeze on robusta coffee supplies which has lifted prices to three-month high may not last for long, given the pressure on Vietnamese growers to sell down a record harvest, and an increase in Brazilian exports due early next year too.

Robusta coffee futures on Wednesday hit ?1,779 a tonne in London, for January delivery, up 26% from a three-year low reached in early November.

The price gains have been supported by a drop in supplies on international markets prompted by a decision by producers in Vietnam, the top-ranked robusta producing country, and Indonesia to hold back on


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Cool beans: New coffee machine roasts, grinds, then brews If you're the type of coffee drinker who insists on using only the freshest beans and grinding them at home, the Bonaverde coffee maker could be right up your alley. It not only brews the coffee, but roasts the raw beans and grinds them as well — taking roasteries and other middlemen out of the equation.

It's true that in a coffee-loving city like Seattle or Portland, you may be lucky enough to get beans picked only a couple months back and roasted last week. But Bonaverde thinks the process can be shortened and simplified, resulting in more money


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Man Invents World's Smallest Coffee Machine If you've had enough of drinking substandard instant coffee but don't have the time to rustle up a cappuccino at home, the world's smallest coffee maker could be just what you're looking for.

The tiny gadget can deliver a perfect shot of espresso in just 30 seconds and all you need to make it work is a microwave.

The Piamo is made from food-safe plastic and includes three parts a cup, a coffee chamber and a water holder.

The cup forms the base of the gadget and the other parts stack on top. When heated in a microwave, the water becomes steam


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Starbucks as Official Host Sponsor of 2014/15 Exposition The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) today announced that Starbucks will serve as the Official Host Sponsor of the 26th and 27th Annual Exposition, "The Event," to be held in Seattle April 24-27, 2014 and April 9-12, 2015. Peru has also been named the Official Portrait Country Sponsor for the 2014 SCAA Event.


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Coffee Giant Sues Meat Distributors SEATLE The coffee chain Starbucks has sued two meat distributors for $4.8 million, alleging that it had to dispose of thousands of sandwiches because of spoiled meat.

In the suit filed recently in U.S. District Court for Western Washington, Starbucks claims that on three occasions in 2010, after customers complained that the Black Forest ham in their warm sandwiches tasted and looked spoiled, it found "potentially harmful bacteria" in the meat and threw out the sandwiches. It continued its business relationship with the supplier, Wellshire Farms of Swedesboro, N.J., until it learned the ham had actually been supplied by a


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Oregon Coffee Shop May Have Exposed Customers To Hepatitis-A Evo's Coffee Lounge, a café in Ashland, Oregon, had been using Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Berries Blend, a brand tagged by the CDC as linked with the spread of hepatitis A, in its smoothie mix, according to

Health officials have warned customers of Evo's that its "Radically Free" smoothie contained the offending berries. Those who consumed the beverage between May 17 and June 12 may have been exposed. A vaccine is now available at the local Jackson County Health Department.

The Townsend Farms product was recently pulled from the shelves of the retailer Costco, which sold it.


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Hong Kong Starbucks Used "Toilet Water" To Make Coffee In Hong Kong, Starbucks patrons are upset and for good reason: the coffee chain's Central Hong Kong branch has used "toilet water" to brew coffee since it opened two years ago.

According to Apple Daily, a staffer would push a cart into a men's restroom in a nearby parking garage, fill it will water, and then push the cart back to Starbucks, where the "toilet water" would be then filtered. This would happen up to seventy times a day. The bathroom faucet was used because there was no nearby water source.

The faucet that Starbucks used was only a few feet away


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